Is a customized complete losing weight program based on normoproteic and supplement nutrition control,  in which the objective is an effective weight loss, mainly of corporal fat and keeping the muscle mass, with immediate and motivating results,  as well as maintaining the obtained results, with no rebound effect.

Choose, Combine and Get thinner.

The Diet RS® will help you get thinner in a faster way, with no food or cravings restriction, or hunger. Our nutrition plan is complete for having all the nutrients your body needs, equilibrated and designed with the right proportions of protein, fat and sugars; harmless for your health, enough and diverse diet that includes all nutrients and it fits all of your preferences because you pick your meal components, and above all, it facilitates and adapts to your lifestyle and the kind of food americans usually consume.

With the The Diet RS® system the nutrients adecuate in pro of your health, it will keep you from eating out of anxiety because it manages to balance the metabolism´s hormonal control. Its elevated antioxidants concentration will make you look younger and will strengthen your immune system, it prevents deseases like cancer, it reduces triglycerides levels, colesterol and sugar levels in blood; it improves heart function, and prevents diabetes and increases your energy level.

The The Diet RS® system is developed with the appetite neurobiology and chronobiology most updated criteria, that guarantees not just the efective and constant weight loss but also a true nutrition education, which allows the maintaining of the obtained results keeping you from gaining the weight back. All of this advantages make this slimming down system different and better than the others. Our patients testimony confirm their success with this system after having tried many others.