Our system has been designed thinking of those people who because of their rushed lifestyle and diverse activities need an easy nutrition plan, but mainly is for those patients who have failed before in their struggle of loosing weight with other nutrition systems.

The system consist in 3 stages

Losing weight.-The duration varies depending on the amount of weight to lose, in this stage you will lose 80% of the body fat due to our complements nutrition and nutrition system.

It consists of light and easy meals to cook, and to go. With our system you will lose 11 and 22 lbs monthly. Our nutrition system is a practical way to learn how to eat right through the adecuate combination of food, which allows you to choose your favorite ingredients and design your own menus. Our food combinations increases your metabolism to its maximum, losing weight really fast without sacrifices. You will learn how to eat in social events and restaurants and still be losing weight while you enjoy your life.

Nutritional education.- In this stage you will lose 20% of the remaining weight while we increase ingredients variety to our system, with the objective of turning this system into your new lifestyle, that will help you to maintain your new weight in a healthy way.

We orientate you to eat anywhere else when you can´t eat at home. With our nutrition system you will enjoy your favorite drinks and meals with no guilt or sacrifices.

Maintainance.-Your nutritionist will advice and watch you during the whole maintaining process with bimonthly reviews that allow us to lead you to your ideal weight in the long term avoiding recidivism.

Our system accelerates your metabolisim and together we acomplish your dream of being thin and healthy.